Product Review: Nails Inc. The New White

Nails Inc

I am a sucker for any light purple or lilac shade of nail polish, so this nail polish line is no exception: I had to have it. The Nails Inc. The New White Collection is a range of nail polishes that are all variations of off white shades. I have walked through Sephora before and continuously picked up products from this range and then put it back while trying to be careful about not spending my money, but the time came to finally give in during the recent Sephora VIB Rouge event on Sunday morning. I could not fork over all the money for the full collection, even at a discount, so I decided on just one shade and it happened to be the lilac shade named White Horse Street. It is a very muted lilac shade that looks a bit grey at first glance.

The real appeal for me with this collection of nail polishes is that they are all off white shades. White nail polish can be difficult to pull off with such a pale complexion, so with the help of a little bit of self tanner and this nail polish, it is definitely the new white. I imagine all of the shades would be able to pull off the same effect, and you can few the full collection of the four different shades here.

There is a slight downside with this product, which is that it took me about three coats to build it up to a more flawless and opaque finish. This is usually the case with lighter nail polishes anyways, so it was mostly expected as I purchased the product. In my opinion, the colour payoff it was definitely worth the extra coat. I am tempted to pick up the off white mint colour from the range, or even try out one of the limited release NAILKALE products for really healthy nails.

Have you tried any of the shades from this range or any other Nails Inc. products? Do you have a favourite that I should know about? Comment below and I will keep my eyes peeled to see if I should pick it up for myself in the future.