The Infallible Pros from L’Oreal Paris

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Pro

I have been hearing a lot of wonderful things about a relatively new drugstore range of products from L’Oreal Paris, so I obviously had to go see if all the hype was really worth it. The full range includes the foundation, powder, and setting spray, but I just got the two products I would get the most use of: the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation and the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Spray & Set. This post will mostly focus on the foundation, with an added bonus of my thoughts on the makeup extending setting spray.

When it comes to foundations I am always a bit worried that it won’t be able to include a shade that matches my skin tone, but this Pro-Matte foundation was an amazingly perfect match with the recent Lancôme foundation I had professionally tested to match my skin tone. Of course I match with the lightest shade of the collection, 101 Classic Ivory, as it is surprisingly more pink toned than more foundations available. Shocking! If you have a rather pale complexion and have a more pink skin tone, then I would definitely suggest this for a really good shade match.

Once we get past the really great shade match we get to actually see if this foundation can work some long-wearing matte magic. This foundation is said to have micro-sponge technology that absorbs excess oil and shine in order to create a dimensional matte finish, while avoiding ending up with a heavy or caked-on finished look. It can be applied with a sponge to buff it out for a sheer and natural look or can be built up in layers for more complete coverage. Right on the back of the foundation tube it identifies that it is an oil-free 24 hour long-wearing foundation with medium coverage and a demi-matte finished, and this all comes in an air-light texture. Sounds almost too good to be true.

I applied the foundation to my face and blended it out with the use of a makeup brush and my beauty blender and so far all applications have finished to look quite matte and not cakey. I do want to disclaim that if you do test this product out and find yourself with cakey or shiny makeup after a good handful of hours, you want want to keep in mind that you have likely used other products on top of it that could also result in this. I use my Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder and highlights that add a bit of a luminous shine to my face, but not to the extend that it looks oily so greasy, just a bit of a glow or shine. It does say it is an “up to 24 hour” foundation, but that does not always mean it can go the full 24 hours, but from my experience with wearing it for over 12 hours, it does a really good job at holding up. The only spot where I do noticed anything is the spot between my nose and eyelids as it patches up a tiny bit towards the end of the day.

Moving on to the Infallible Pro-Spray & Set setting spray. This has been compared to the Urban Decay setting sprays that are wildly popular, but some people are starting to prefer this new one because it does the same thing and at a cheaper price point. If you do not already know about setting sprays, let me give you a quick lesson. A setting spray is a micro-mist product that you apply after you after finished with your makeup to lock in that look as if it was freshly applied all day long. It helps to extend the wear of your makeup and to keep it in place throughout the day and also keeps the oils on your face at bay for longer than usual. I find setting sprays to be a wonderful last step in your daily makeup routine and this one is definitely worth getting your hands on.

Have you had the chance to try anything from this range yet? Leave a comment below! I would love to hear your thoughts on the products and if you thought the same thoughts as me.  I would also love to hear your thoughts if you have tried the powder.