A Tinge of Pastel Pink Hair

Tinge Pastel

Tinge Pastel

Tinge Pastel


If you’ve been around these parts (my blog) then you will already know I am no stranger to colouring my hair in unicorn-like shades as seen in this blog post. You can scroll through Pinterest and Tumblr only for so long before the need for pastel hair returns, it is not something I can simply do just once and get over it. I have returned to the subject of pastel hair colour after having the chance to try out a temporary pastel hair conditioner from Tinge.

Tinge has created these vegan conditioning products that act as a temporary pastel hair dye and I say this product is brilliant! This is especially great for anyone with platinum or bleach blonde hair that wants to add a “tinge” of colour to their hair in a variety of pastel colours that they currently have available. I have lucky to try out the pink and purple shades, and started experimenting almost right away. In these photos you will be able to notice the subtle pink in my hair, most noticeable in the hair on the far side of my head. When I get into the purple one their will be more photo evidence. All together they have pink, purple, grey, turquoise, and peach. Check out their website at tingepastel.com to see for yourself! The product comes in really cute packaging as well, so that definitely won me over from the start.

The instructions for these products are to apply to freshly shampooed hair that has been towel dried, or completely dried. You apply the pastel conditioner to your hair and let it sit for 5 to 15 minutes and then wash out while getting a great conditioning treatment to your hair at the same time. For me, I always seem to just dye the ends of my hairs the unicorn shades, and this worked out best for me because I could use the product more than once and only the lengths/ends of my hair are the lighter blonde shade as I have a bit of an ombre hair colour at the moment. For my own application of the product, I noticed at 15 minutes left a very faint colour, but leaving it in a little bit longer gave me the perfect amount of pink. The colour will last you anywhere from 3 to 5 washes, depending on how light you applied it and how you wash your hair afterwards.

I would like to give them a bunch of gold stars for creating a vegan conditioner that is possibly the least harmful way to play around with pastel hair colours without any sort of chemical smell that you may get with other products. Super conditioning, practically no scent, and a great subtle colour payoff. This product is not for the people that want vibrant and bright hot pink hair, but rather just a tinge of pink. Seriously, this product could not have been named any better. I had two people describe my hair as a “tinge” of pink without knowing the name of the brand.

I have shampooed my hair after applying it and still a fair bit of the colour stayed since I only shampooed my roots as you are supposed to do with proper hair washing techniques. After a full shampoo and conditioner shower again, I can still catch a bit of the pink out of the corner of my eye, even if it does not appear all that visible with a quick glimpse.

Again, head on over to their website to order the products for yourself. They are really fun to play around with and I will definitely be ordering more of these products once I completely run out! What do you think of the pastel hair trend? Let me know if I should stick to pink or experiment with one of the other available colours.