My New Specs from SelectSpecs

SelectSpecs SelectSpecs SelectSpecs

Note: I was kindly provided these glasses by Select Specs for free.

I know the amount of photos of myself on this blog are not that hight, but there is a photo of me in this post because this is technically a fashion and style-related post because I am wearing my brand new glasses! The lovely people over at contacted me to see if I wanted to try out a pair of their glasses and I really couldn’t say no. I have been wearing glasses for a few years now, but it was not until the past half a year that I started to wear them on a more daily basis.

The process of picking a pair of glasses was the trickiest part because there are just so many options to pick from! There is everyone from the lower prices glasses if you cannot afford to spend an arm and a leg on a pair of glasses, but there are also from higher end brand name glasses to look through if you feel like spending a bit more. The selection and variation is great, but the only downside is a common issue between all online shopping websites: you cannot try them on. Unless you know exact measurements of your face and proportions, you won’t be able to know exactly how they fit on your face. I shot blindly into the world of glasses and picked a pair of the Savannah 8122 glasses in a really great tortoise shell shade that I have wanted for quite a while. The glasses I have owned for the past few years are not that big and I always wished they frames were a bit bigger, kind of like my sunglasses. So I was completely sold on this pair of glasses that had larger frames that resembled my Ray-ban Wayfarers.

After filling in my prescription and completing the order, I patiently waited for my glasses to arrive in the mail. Complete with their own case and fabric cleaner sheet, less than two weeks later my glasses had arrived and I put them straight on my face. I will admit they are a bit large on my face, but I am enjoying them immensely! Getting a new pair of prescription glasses always reminds you of how clear you can really see through new lenses and I seriously thought my vision got even better. Taking off the glasses reminded me how bad my vision actually can be with how long it took to re-focus my eyes, so then I just put the glasses right back on my face.

A great selection, super easy ordering system, and great quality for a really good price and decent shipping costs! Definitely a budget friends solution to anyone looking for a new pair of glasses… or two! They also sell sunglasses as well, which comes in perfect timing for the summer weather that will soon be approaching.

What do you think of my new glasses? I’m in love with them even though they make me feel like a bigger nerd than I was before. Would you ever considering ordering glasses online? Head on over to today to see what they have to offer!