Radiance in a Bottle

There is always a product out there that can give your complexion that little boost of glow when it is looking a little dull. When you put on a higher coverage foundation and concealer, your original complexion can seem a bit flat and lacklustre, but I am going to talk about a few products that I have used to add that extra life back into your face.

The newest addition to my collection of illuminizing products for added radiance is the Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment Illuminizer. I bought this product on a whim during my last visit to Sephora when the new collection of similar products caught my eye. I have not really tried very many Josie Maran products before except the original organ oil product. The Argan Enlightenment collection consisted of a liquid formula, a powder, and a creamy wand, and I went for the liquid formula to blend into my foundations or moisturizers. This is slightly different from the other two I am going to mention because this one has a more sun-kissed and golden colour to it that really helps add that radiance for summer. I have been pleased with it so far because it is subtle but there is a slight difference. Basically I wanted to talk a bit about how much I love this product already and that I do not regret this impulse purchase of pretty packaging and promises.

The next product I have mentioned before in a highlighter-related post (here) and the NARS Illuminator can be used as a creamy highlight or as a liquid formula that can also be blended into your foundation products or moisturizer for the extra boost of radiance. I have the shade Copacabana, which happens to be a very light shade in comparison to the Josie Maran product and a little goes a long way. This product comes in a few darker shades that have more pink and peachy shades to them. Similarly, the Mac Cosmetics Strobe Cream is very similar to the NARS product in that it is a very light cream that can be blended into your base products or as a highlight to help the light reflect off your face where you want.

As I stated before, you don’t even have to mix these radiance boosting products with a foundation or other base product. If you want to go for a more “no make-up” type of look, you can mix these into your moisturizers while doing your regular skin care routines. By doing this, they will add a very natural radiance to your skin and let all of your natural beauty shine through.