My New Favourite Red Nail Polish

I am pretty sure I have discussed my liking of the Revlon ColorStay Gel Envy nail polish range before, but I have not used any shades from them in a few months. The concept of this range is that they have base coat + colour in one product, which really does help save you time when applying the nail polish. I loved the bold blue nail polish shade (Wild Card) that Olivia Wilde is always seen wearing in the advertisements for the product range, and I took a big liking to the darker red (Queen of Hearts) late last year. I went away from the product range for a hot minute when the white shade (Sure Thing) left me a little disappointed, but now I am back to this brand for the time being because I officially have a new favourite shade, the bright and bold orange-red shade named Get Lucky.

I have had my eye on a very similar shade from the Essie nail polish range for quite a few weeks now (Fifth Avenue, just in case anyone was wondering), but the willpower to make the purchase was never strong enough. I kept holding the nail polish bottle to my nails and imagined what the colour would look like on my nails and was never that ecstatic about it. I come from loving the deeper red shades and bright pure red shades, so a red nail polish that had an orange tint to it was something I had never jumped into before.

I saw a stand of new shade releases while browsing through Shoppers Drug Mart recently and this shade caught my eye, and this time I made the purchase. I went home, applied it right away, and fell in love. I am now on day three of wearing the nail polish and there is hardly a chip on any of the nails. I have used one nail a lot lately and there is only the tiniest bit of wear and tear visible right around the tip of the nail.

For colour comparison, I think this would be a perfect match with the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the shade Dragon Girl, because it is that perfect red shade, but with the slightly tint of orange to make it a slightly warmer colour in the end.