Self Tanning to Avoid Sun Damage

Self Tanning

Avoiding sun damage is the main reason I will use for when it comes to self tanning. I generally do not get a lot of sunlight while on my computer, but it sucks for when I still want that freshly sun-kissed glow on my skin. I have branched out and tested a couple more self tanning products to take my “sun-kissed” skin to the next level. I have tried quite a few products that I did not end up liking, but here are two that I am liking at the moment.

A while ago I posted about the mousse self tanner from this brand, but I recently purchased the St. Tropez Everyday Body Medium/Dark Gradual Tan. This is your basic body lotion that helps you build up your tan as you go, which is always a safe way to go with self tanning. As this comes in a Medium/Dark shade, you do have to be careful when applying to really make sure you still blend it out properly or you will end up with some lines that may stick around for a while. I really liked the mousse product from this brand, but I wanted something I could put on and not have to wait a couple hours and wash off. This lotion works well to apply shortly before sleeping and then it works its magic throughout the night. There is a bit of a scent with this, as does the whole range, but by no means is it a bad one.

The second item I picked up recently in the self tanning category was the Sephora Tinted Self-Tanning Body Mist. I bought this product completely on a whim, as I do sometimes, when I went to Sephora for two products, and neither were in stock. Clearly I needed something still, and this decently priced self tanning body mist did the trick. I did a quick test spot on my arm in the store and was pleasantly delighted with the result. I quickly blended it out with my hand and was happy enough with the tint to buy the full spray can. I can see myself using this more throughout the summer to help give some colour to my legs and arms for when they are revealed through tank tops and skirts. I am definitely looking forward to getting into this product.

Do you have a favourite self tanning product? Let me know in the comments below!