The Haconut Coconut Body Scrub


We are no stranger to body scrubs around here, but I have only really been talking about coffee-based body scrubs, and sometimes that is not everybody’s cup of… coffee. I’m bringing you a great alternative today that is very similar, but does not contain the ingredient of coffee and puts all the focus on another fantastic ingredient, coconut!

The Haconut Coconut Body Scrub was sent to me to try out by the kind people at Haconut. Even though I am not really a coconut-crazy person like some people are, I actually really enjoyed using this scrub! This scrub is an all natural, coconut based body scrub made with organic ingredients and is free of synthetic chemicals. Just like almost every other scrub out there, this is to be used in the shower, left on for a short amount of time, and then washed off to reveal your moisturized, fresh, and radiant skin. I noticed that the Haconut body scrub is a bit more gentle on your skin than most. Then again, I have mostly been comparing this to the coffee-based scrubs that I have been using lately. They are a tad bit more coarse due to the coffee grinds in it, but this one is free of coffee grinds and relies more heavily on the coconut ingredients to work its magic.

What makes this scrub unique from the others is that the exfoliating base is made out of pure coconut shell powder, infused with a mix of organic virgin coconut and macadamia nut oil (as well as other organic skin-loving oils), organic coconut sugar, mineral-rich Himalayan pink salt, and organic coconut flakes for extra skin benefits.

Not only does Haconut make a damn good body scrub, but they also donate 10% of all profits to the Mercy Ships charity. Mercy Ships is a global charity that operates hospital ships to provide medical care to developing nations. The organization mobilizes people and resources to bring hope and healing to those without access to medical facilities and in need of life-saving surgery. Not only does your skin feel great after using this scrub, but you will also feel good about part of your purchase money going to a really great cause!

To look into purchasing this amazing body scrub for yourself, you can click here to go to their website. They do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but I can tell you now that you will 100% love it after your first use. Live outside your shell. Replenish. Renew. Reach for Haconut!