The Hair Colour Switch-Up

When I wasn’t experimenting with pastel coloured hair many times over the past year or so, I have basically been a blonde haired human for quite some time now. In one of my attempts to bleach parts of my hair to make the pastel colours more visible and vibrant, my talent to ombre hair fell short and the results did not end up as planned with the bleaching process and harsher lines of blonde were more visible. In other words, it made my already light brown roots were that much more noticeable.

This has become more of an issue to me over the past couple weeks, along with other dry hair issues, which resulted with me taking matters into my own hands. I picked up some boxed hair dye after browsing the aisle for the perfect shade for a decent amount of time. I ended up with more of a light brunette shade, which is very different from all the blonde shades I have been using over the past few years. If anyone is curious, I purchased the L’Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour in the shade Iced Mocha, a light iridescent brown hair colour. Yes, the “iced mocha” caffeine reference was the bonus point that resulted in me ultimately choosing this product over another brand with a similar shade.

For the process of dying my hair, I did my roots first as you are always supposed to do. This is where the magic started happening though! The resulting hair colour of this hair dye left my roots with a slightly warmer shade of a light brown hair colour, while the lengths of my hair fade out to more of a cool toned brunette. My ends are still a tad bit lighter because of the lighter blonde that I started with. This was not planned, but it is such a cool result that blends two tones of hair colour into one look. At a quick glance, it just looks like one colour, but if you look long enough and even compare the ends next to the roots, there is a definite difference in warm and cool tones.

Alas, I have one major issue when it comes to colouring my hair lately. This “issue” is that the colour never really sticks around that long anymore. Permanent hair colour which used to last over a month in my hair a few years ago barely lasts a week now before looking completely faded out and mostly back to the original colour. Already after two hair washes since I have dyed my hair and the original brunette hair colour has faded out quite a bit already, but is not quite back at the bleached blonde that parts of my hair had been before. I am really enjoying how well my eyebrows finally match my hair colour again, so this colour may stick around for a while. No promises that I won’t add in the ombre colouring very, very soon…. and there is always different ways of putting the pink back into my hair.

Two quick notes before I sign off. If anyone is wondering about the red details in the photo for this blog post, be sure to stick around for a blog post on my new favourite orange-red nail colour very shortly (which can now be read here). As for the bold red statement lip colour, it is my go to Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Always Red.