The Saje Natural Wellness Haul

Saje Wellness Saje Wellness

I got an invitation to attend the Grand Opening event of the brand new Saje Natural Wellness location at Hamilton’s own Lime Ridge Mall last week and was definitely interested in what this brand had to offer. The VIP invite gave me a 30% discount and I used it to grab a handful of products to test and see how much I could like this company. Their company morals are based on the healing powers of plants through natural remedies and 100% natural products, which is definitely something I was onboard with considering I have sensitive skin to begin with. Natural products with natural remedies, yes please!

The first thing I picked up should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me well enough, a hand lotion. I go through hand cream like crazy due to my eczema on the palms of my hands, so finding natural alternatives is always a pleasant surprise. I purchased the Healing Hands Soothing Hand Lotion in a nice purse friendly size that would be easy to toss in my really small bag if I wanted to bring it around with me. There are very few things worse than not being able to bring hand lotion with me on a long outing that I know are going to leave my hands as dry as the desert. This product has a very strong, yet natural scent and gives me hands the moisture when it needs it the most. There was a hand lotion specifically designed for eczema, but the scent was a little off-putting when I smelt it. I prefer minimal to no scents in my hand creams and lotions.

The second thing I decided to pick up was a facial mist. I was holding a bunch of them, trying to make a decision, but then I saw the Stress Release Tension Reducing Mist out of the corner of my eye and instantly decided on that facial mist. These mist products have the finest and best misting powers I have ever experienced. It almost feels like nothing is going on your face it is so fine, but there is definitely product coming out of the bottle and settling on your face. I have already reached for this mist too many times to count since I bought it, and even if it’s all just in the idea behind a product that can reduce stress, I think it may be working for me.

Lastly, after washing my hands a few times in the gorgeous in-store sink with a selection of soaps, I smelt the Tingle Mint Invigorating Foaming Hand Soap and knew that it was a winner. I am a sucker for minty scents, so a natural foaming soap with a minty scent was bound to be a favourite of mine. I will put this product to the test soon and see how my hands react with it. There were so many other different scents to chose from, but I do know there was a lemongrass one that was also very pleasant.

I will be sure to keep you posted on these products if they turn out to be miracle products and I may just have to go haul some more products from Saje Natural Wellness in the future! Have you ever shopped at this store before? What products would you like to see me try out next? Leave a comment below!