Summer Sunglasses from Select Specs

Note: I was provided these sunglass by Select Specs for free.

Do you remember when I wrote a blog post about Select Specs not too long ago? Well, I am back for round two with my brand new pair of matching sunglasses that I ordered through their website. I really cannot get enough of the tortoise colouring.

I loved the regular prescription glasses so much that I thought the same style would look amazing as a pair of perscription sunglasses as well! The Savannah 8121 Tortoise Sunglasses were kindly gifted to me by the people at, in which I even went above and beyond and paid for a little extra to make sure the sunglasses were how I wanted them.

If you need a little refresher on how this website works, let me remind you. It is your ordinary online shop for buying products, but these products happen to be all sorts of sunglasses. They have amazing prices and many different styles of glasses and sunglasses to pick from. That is always the hardest part it seems, deciding on just one… or two. Purchasing the glasses is the easy part. You can add your prescription easily if you need one, any sort of tint if you are getting sunglasses, and quite a few other special features and specifications to your lenses as you wish.

The website is designed to give you a lot of spectacular options, including photos of people wearing the glasses to get a better image of what they look like on a face. The downside of ordering online is always the fact that you cannot try them on your own face. As long as you know the measurements of what works for your face, then you should be just fine. They create your glasses or sunglasses for you and ship them to you within usually two weeks.

I have been very pleasantly surprised with how great the prescription is in these lenses and would really recommend this website to anyone that needs a pair of glasses of sunglasses for great quality, a quick and hassle-free checkout service, and a pretty low cost.