The COLAB Dry Shampoo is Worth It

I was reading all the hype around the launch of this magical dry shampoo hair product and was intrigued. It started with some videos and social media posts from creator Ruth Crilly of A Model Recommends fame. Soon after I started seeing all my favourite beauty bloggers start to praise the product. I knew then that I needed to somehow get this UK-based hair product in my hands.

COLAB Dry Shampoo is a product range of dry shampoos that help keep hair feeling clean for longer. The range features a revolutionary weightless, invisible formula and they leave a fabulous veil of fashion fragrance on your hair. They’re perfect for all hair types that need an instant boost of volume and cleanliness. Crilly herself says that “the runway ready formula absorbs oil and refreshes roots with a residue-free, lightweight finish”. The “residue-free” bit really is what sold me on this product. I hate when there is that streaky white residue. You spend a long time trying to blend into your hair so that people won’t notice right away.

COLAB Dry Shampoo

My New Go-To Dry Shampoo

The day finally came that I was guided online, which had a good selection of COLAB Dry Shampoo with a handful of the different scents that this product comes in. Is it too soon to call this the new and improved Batiste dry shampoo? I really don’t think it is too soon to make this bold of a claim. I finally decided on the New York “scented” dry shampoo. The fresh and fruity scented version, with scents of apple and melon with a light amber finish. I’m sick of the baby powder and fresh smelling dry shampoos. I wanted to pack a bunch with this wonderful fruity mixture of scents.

I am really happy to finally have this dry shampoo in my life, solving more unwashed hair issues one day at a time. All the extra volume it gives to my hair is always a big plus in my books! Have you given this range of dry shampoo a try yet? It’s available in some stores around Canada apparently, but if you cannot find it as easily, you can always do what I did and order it online and it gets delivered very quickly.