The Fragrance Switch Up

Summer / Autumn Fragrances: Beach Walk, Beach, Bulletproof, Nirvana Black

There are people that like to stick to one scent forever, through all the seasons, but there are also people that switch up their fragrance of choice based on the seasons all based on the different elements in each of their chosen scents. I am typically a person that sticks to one or two scents year-round, but this time I am switching up my scents as we transition from summer to autumn.

Over the summer I picked up two new scents to indulge in. I love them both, but they both tend to be very summery scents. When I say “summery”, I do not use this term loosely. They are both based off the scent of beaches and salty water and fresh air, and even the scent of sunscreen. The first one I picked up was a purchase I had wanted since I had first smelt it a year prior. The Bobbi Brown Beach Rollerball was an instant favourite and made me love summer and all its scents, even with the hint of sunscreen mixed in. This scent mixed together an intoxicating blend of jasmine, sea spray, and mandarin as its actual biggest notes.

The second addition to the summer-based fragrance collection was the Maison Martin Margiela ‘Replica’ Beach Walk fragrance. After smelling the whole range of perfumes from this brand, I ended up with the beach scent, even after my previous similar fragrance purchase, because they one was so much different, but equally as amazing. This one had a mixture of bergamot, coconut milk, lemon, pink pepper, and musk that was heavenly to my senses. I had smelt this in the past in a sample version and was not a fan at all, but the real thing itself was amazing and I forked over the money (this is definitely on the pricier side of fragrances you can buy) to own it for myself. In the back of my mind I am still highly considering purchasing the Funfair Evening scent as well, even if it is naturally a strong sweet scent.

Although some people wouldn’t mind smelling like a beach all year long, I am slowly starting to switch up my scents for the oncoming autumn season. The perfumes that I am mixing back into rotation include my ultimate holy grail scent, the TokyoMilk Bulletproof No. 45 fragrance. This sexy and delicious scent contained notes such as jasmine, coconut, tonka, cinnamon, cedar, ebony woods, patchouli, and clove. It was love as first sniff of this scent a while back, and it has definitely stayed my favourite ever since.

Lastly but certainly not least, the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black fragrance is back in my life. This scent contains a blend of alluring violet, sensual sandalwood, and rich vanilla that strike the perfect balance between masculine and feminine. Shortly after I first bought this fragrance I stopped using it and let it collect dust on my shelf. I found the scent to be a little bit too strong for me on most days, but I have finally learned my trick to using this scent. I find this scent very wearable if I spray this once, and only once, on the back of my neck. After trying this trick out for a couple days now, I am falling back in lvoe with the original scent that I smelt when I was in Sephora deciding between the White and Black versions of this range. The White scent is also nice, and even when layered, but because of the musky vanilla and sandalwood scent, the Black scent won me over in the end. I keep a tiny rollerball sample of this at my work desk to reapply in the later afternoon to bring back the scent.

Do you have any favourite scents that you like to use during certain times of the year? Let me know in the comments below because I always love smelling new scents.