The Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid LipstickI finally gave into temptation and bought myself two shades from the extremely popular Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick collection. These are on high demand and seem to be all the talk these days because of the extravagant shade range of colours available, the fact that they dry to a nice smooth and matte finish, they are full coverage opaque lipsticks, and the long lasting power that this lipstick claims to have. I definitely put them to the test.

After swatching the entire back of my hand in a Sephora with all the shades that I were intriguing to me, which was a lot of them, I settled on not only one, but two shades to bring home with me. I was really relying on all the positive reviews with me having picked up two of these shades right away. I picked up a classic red in the form of the shade Outlaw, described as a brick red. I picked up two because I wanted to treat myself to a new berry shade for autumn. Berry tones were always my first love when it comes to lipstick anyways. For this, I picked up the deep raspberry shade named Bauhau5.

I have swatched both of these shades on my hand for a more visual colour reference for you. As you can see, the deep raspberry shade is quite bright and vivid, but still fits as a deeper raspberry shade when on your lips when layered a bit more. The brick red still has a slight pink tone to its overall red-ness, and I can only say this because my nail polish in the photo is a red that falls on the orange side of the red spectrum. There is definitely nothing subtle about these two shades. As for the finish, they don’t dry instantly that second. They give you a few moments to work with them, but they do dry to a smooth matte finish within the minute.

Then came time for testing how long lasting these liquid lipsticks really were. I do have to say that they did stand up to the test with a fair fight. There is something about me and food that never end well with whichever lipstick I am wearing. I ate a full chicken burger meal and fries with the raspberry shade and had to do some touch ups afterwards. I wore the red shade to the movies and indulged in a bag of popcorn and brought along a chai latte from Starbucks as my beverage. I got home from the movies and everything was still looking fresh and new on my lips. Only a tiny bit came off on whichever food I was eating, so it is not entirely transfer-proof. They are pretty up there on the scale though for all the lipsticks I have tried in the past.

They are not overly pricy, coming in at C$24 through the Sephora website, which seemed reasonable to me. The tube is quite big that it comes in and I could see them lasting quite a while. My overall thoughts? Loving them and I definitely want another shade or two. I believe “Mother” was the shade I fancied, but it was sold out. I know the newer shades are difficult to get your hands on these days because how fast they sell out in stores and online, but if you can get your hands on these liquid lipsticks, I would highly recommend it.