Eye Makeup Wonders

Eye Makeup Wonders: Charlotte Tilburry Eyes to Mesmerise & L'oreal Paris SmokissmeEye Makeup Wonders: Charlotte Tilburry Eyes to Mesmerise & L'oreal Paris Smokissme

Today I will be jumping into the world of eye makeup, talking a bit about two new products, and when I say new I mean new to my makeup collection anyways. These two eye makeup products that make doing your makeup really quick and extremely easy, still giving you great results in the end. I am giving one drugstore product and one high-end product, each different but in some ways the same.

The first product I am going to talk about is the drugstore version of the lazy person’s dream of an eye makeup product. This magical tool is the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Smokissime and it acts as a liner and an eye shadow. Basically, this is your new best friend if you love doing smoky eye makeup looks. I have really been branching away from buying products from the drugstore after a string of disappointing items, but this one was a definite score! I picked this product up in the shade Brown Smoke to go for a darker look, but not quite black white is used in all of the online advertisements for this product. I consider this product mostly just an eyeshadow because it goes on way to wide to be an eye liner for me, and definitely not precise. I find this product really easy to blend out and use with other eye shadows, but this product can also be worn alone and still achieve quite the smoky effect! This could be a great one for travelling as well because it comes in an eye liner pen style of tube. I definitely want to check out the other few shades available from this range and really get working on perfecting my smoky eye makeup looks.

On the other side of the price scale, I finally gave in and treated myself to a Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise long-lasting cream eye shadow. I picked up the shade Bette from Beautylish because I have a thing for a certain cover of “Bette Davis Eyes” by Brandon Flowers. Also, this shade is a beautiful mixture of amber, gold, and bronze that can really make an impression. This product is anything but matte as it can give off quite the shimmery metallic look. I tend to use this as a base and then blend with a matte shade to bring down the shimmer a bit. When I say shimmer, I am not talking about glitter shimmer, but more of a shiny wet metallic look. I have used this product with my fingers and with a brush and I think that I prefer using the tiniest bit with a brush just to help apply it a little more precisely. Just like the first product, this one is also extremely blendable and it does not crease during the day either. It gives an amazing amount of pigment in the end, and because of the metallic finish, when different light hits your eyelids, it kind of looks like your wearing multiple shades of eyeshadow, but you’re not. Easy peasy glamorous eye makeup!

Do you have any eye makeup products that make it extremely easy to do your makeup quickly and still get great results? Let me know in the comments below. Some days we just “ain’t got time for that” and need that is equally as quick as it is wonderful.