Keeping My Hair Cool with Pro:Voke

Pro:Voke Touch of Silver

Besides my exploration into unicorn-like pastel hair colours, I have not really shared too much information about my hair on the blog. I can talk about certain products that I love using on my hair, but as far as my natural hair colour and the troubles I go through trying to dye it have not been shared as much. I touched on it briefly in this blog post earlier this year, but now I am talking about my biggest issues with hair colour.

Naturally, I have very cool toned hair. This really did not come in handy when I went through the whole redhead phase in which all I wanted was bright red or ginger-like hair. My roots would creep in looking very dark and making the whole look seem very fake. This lead to constant hair dying processes to add more and more damage to my poor hair. I also discovered a new issue once I decided to step away from red hair and work on maintaining fairly blonde hair. This issue was that even when I tried to dye my hair cool-toned or ashy blondes shades, some warmth would still come into my hair and need touching up sooner rather than later. As for my current hair colour, I recently re-ombréd my hair from a somewhat light brown to light blonde. I have included a photo showing my hair during my vacation in which you can really see that it is sticking to the cooler tones lately – and now I am going to tell you why.

This is where the game changer comes into play: purple shampoo. Even though my hair may not fully be lighter blonde shades anymore, purple shampoos can still help me keep my hair cool toned and fight off brassy tones on a regular basis. My current saviours are from the brand Pro:Voke Touch of Silver. This UK brand is the ultimate hair care range for blonde bombshells and silver-haired vixens. Pro:Voke Touch of Silver products are all professional-quality and are created to really care for and brighten your light coloured hair. As a bonus, they do not test any of their products on animals.

I only wash my hair about 2-3 times a week, so their Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo is quite perfect for me because it is a “twice a week” shampoo. It is a colour correcting shampoo that works to neutralise yellow tones and contains violet pigment within its formula to revive the lacklustre colours in my hair. I usually just apply this product to the roots, which is where the most warmth would likely try to show. It rinsed out through the ends so that the shampoo still does its job.

I follow up with the Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Intensive Treatment Conditioner, which is quite the heaven sent product for me. This is a double duty product that helps to bring back some moisture into my dry and damaged hair and also still acts as a follow-up to the brightening purple shampoo. This conditioner contains sunflower seed extract and keratin (you know, those healthy hair ingredients) to really condition and protect your hair, while also leaving it looking clean and shiny.

I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for about three weeks now, with my vacation being an exception because I could not be bothered to bring a liquid shampoo and conditioner through the airport. I can definitely notice a difference in my hair and find it looking really healthy and still keeping its cool tones, just how I like it. You can find these products and others from the range at Sobeys, London Drugs, Peoples, Pharmasave, and a few other stores likely near you. The Pro:Voke Touch of Silver products are meant for silver and platinum blonde hair, but it still does wonders for my hair.