YSL Couture Vinyl Mascara Review

A luxurious vinyl mascara that packs a punch of colour.

I was luckily sent a tube of the brand new Yves Saint Laurent Couture Vinyl Mascara. I got the shade 01 I’m the Couture, which is the vinyl black of the colourful mascara collection. The main selling point of this collection is that it delivers a high-quality product in a variety of colours that you can make work on a day to day basis. Sure, cobalt blue eyelashes may not seem like an everyday thing, but I’m sure it could be if you gave it a shot.

This Couture Vinyl mascara collection is setting itself apart from the crowd because it does it all. It claims to curl, lengthen, and add volume along with a colourful vinyl shine. This mascara also comes with a bonus that most mascaras would not even consider, it added the YSL Beauté signature scent to the formula, which consists of notes of mandarin, blackcurrant, vanilla, and violet. The fragrant may throw some people off, but I really think it adds to the luxuriousness of the product as a whole.

I have not been that big on mascara over the past year, which I first wrote about back in this post. The hassle of removing waterproof mascara is a pain in my butt and I simply stopped putting it on. Sometimes you couldn’t even tell I was wearing mascara if I wore a heavier amount of eyeliner. I ended up throwing out a few of my mascaras, even the ones at higher price points. They were getting dry and over their shelf life. In general, mascara should not be kept for more than three months with continuous use. That’s what I learned once while looking up how long makeup lasted, and remembered that like factoid to future use.

These days I will reach for a mascara if I feel like dolling myself up that little extra bit. I will reach for mascara while getting ready maybe once every week or two. With the YSL Couture Vinyl mascara in my collection, I reach for it because it does do it all! It doesn’t state anywhere that it is waterproof, so it may not hold a curl as long as other waterproof mascaras I have tried in the past, but it still does a great job with everything else.

I really would like to get my hands on the cobalt blue shade from this collection. Cobalt blue is one of my favourite colours, and I would love to add that colour to my makeup routine. Are there any colours you want to try? Let me know in the comments below!

I received this product as a free sample from Influenster.