OOTD: The Camouflage Jacket

marc jacobs wallet camouflage jacket adidas superstar

Can you fall in love with a jacket? Yes.

After years and years of searching for the ultimate camouflage jacket, I finally have one that I love. I have always passed on jackets I have seen before, due to their style and prices. This jacket caught my eye and it was love at first sight. Although, they did not have my size. I got help from an amazing friend that happened to be across the pond for a trip. She was able to get her hands on the right size and the rest was history.

This jacket is from the European store called Stradivarius and the jacket is referred to as the Camouflage Utility Jacket. It is a fairly lightweight jacket, perfect for autumn weather. The gold hardware was a definite selling point on this jacket, adding a bit of chic to the piece as a whole. I love the option of having the sleeves rolled and pinned up to look a little more like street fashion. I knotted up the bottom strings so that they would not be dangling beneath the jacket seem. The jacket is big enough to fit a sweater underneath still, which is always nice. You can find different ways to rock this jacket from summer to autumn, and then again in the spring.

I usually tend to pair the camouflage jacket with my black jeans, preferably my ripped ones. This gives the outfit a very casual look overall. Accompanied by any top and either my heeled boots or my Adidas Superstar sneakers. The camouflage jacket allows me to utilize pockets more so I can bring along a smaller purse or wallet with me. I am a big fan of pockets.

I’ve definitely fallen in love with the Stradivarius store. I just wish there was shipping to Canada, or even North America as a whole. If you ever have the chance to visit any of their Europe or UK locations, definitely give it a look through!