Anatomicals Hair Masks to the Rescue

You know when your hair completely stops working the way you want it to? Damaged, dry, overworked hair deserves a break. Not only just a break, but to be treated with the utmost treatment to nourish and restore it back to a healthier state. I had the pleasure of receiving a couple Anatomicals hair masks when my hair needed it most – aka always. Anatomicals has sassy and tongue-in-cheek branding that I dig. Everything from the bright packaging to the messaging on the back makes you only want to have it more. Their brand tagline may be “we only want you for your body”, but they just want to help you with great hair and skin. I have tried a body or hand lotion from this brand before and it definitely a great impression.

Anatomicals nourishes and restores

Overall hair care is important, so I have tried two different hair masks and can honestly say that I am a fan. The squeeze-like package that the mask comes out of makes it super easy to use. The first mask I tried was the phwoar! not straw restorative avocado and wheat germ hair mask. Squeezing it out the the package felt like I was squeezing guacamole into my hand, but did not smell like it at all. I applied generously after shampooing and before conditioning, as advised. I let it sit in my hair for a few minutes and then washed out. After my shower, my hair instantly felt smoother and more conditioned than it had felt in a long time. It was easier to work with and felt healthier already. It will be a long process to restore my hair, but this mask was a good way to kick start that much needed restoration.

Moving on to the more nourishing of the two masks, the one with the real stand out name. The giving good head deep conditioning coconut and honey hair mask was up next. This mask looked less like a food and more like a normal conditioner coming out of the package. Like the first mask, this one smelt divine and I enjoyed letting it nourish my hair while I let it seep into my hair to give it all the nutrients it could. Usually I don’t like to give my hair too much hydration because it ends up weighing it down. These masks were very light and only left my hair healthier, more presentable, and easier to style.

Have you tried any products from Anatomicals? I would highly recommend it! Let me know in the comments what you have or want to try from the brand.