KeraStraight Gives Lift and Hold in a Spray

I am always intrigued by different hair product brands that are not as common to me. By common, I mean the brands that we find every day in drug stores and higher end stores like Sephora. I had the chance to try out a product from the brand KeraStraight. KeraStraight is a British company that creates hair repairing treatments and products. They are known for their straightening hair treatment, but I went for a different product. No need to straighten my hair because it is already naturally straight enough.

The KeraStraight Root Lift Gel Spray

Hair products with “root life” in the title are always a big must for me. My hair lacks volume most of the time, also quite thin to boot. Any “lifting” is a bonus. I have tried a couple of root lift sprays and I’m not sure if they actually did anything or not. Not noticeable enough for me to repurchase. The thing that intrigues me the most about the KeraStraight Root Lift Gel Spray is the fact that it is the spray and a gel all in one. The spray contains their innovative styling gel that helps create incredible body and strength. It is a heat protectant that activates as the hair dries. An all-in-one hair products that provides protection, strength, and hold.

The spray nozzle delivers a lot of product, but it actually comes out as a giant mist – in a good way! A lot of sprays come out in a solid stream, but this perfect mist covers your head perfectly with one or two spritzes. I am always sure that my hair gets an even dose of this product because of how the design of the spray nozzle. Brownie points for that! You can spray it closer to your hair for a stronger effect or further away if you only want a little bit. It is best to apply this spray towel-dried hair, as you comb it through and style.

I’m a big fan of this hair product so far. I know it is going to last me quite a long time because you get a lot of product in the bottle.