Jeffree Star’s Androgyny Velour Liquid Lipstick

I have been eyeing the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks ever since they were released. They have been added to my shopping cart online, only to remove them after. I love being able to swatch things before purchasing, but I couldn’t do that with this range. I was oh-so-lucky to know someone who got their hands on one of these liquid lipsticks and did not want it. The shade was none other than the cult classic Androgyny, and I wanted it.

My Thoughts on the Androgyny Liquid Lipstick

On the official website, the Androgyny shade is described as a “sultry, plum mauve, matte, and extremely addicting”. Checkmarks for all the above. I love mauve shades when it comes to lip products. It is a deeper mauve than most in my collection, but that is what makes it so unique. As for “addicting”, it definitely is. It is always very tempting to throw on before I leave the house. The formula itself was super easy to apply. It is not too thin or too thick, it’s just perfect. It dried down quickly and became matte and transfer-proof for quite some time! I am very impressed with the formula and long-wearing ability of this liquid lipstick. It didn’t completely dry my lips out like other brands either.

Have You Tried Jeffree Star?

I am definitely intrigued to one day get another shade or two. Even if I don’t get any for some time, I am happy with the shade I have. I know this review is short, but I feel that I have to share these thoughts on Androgyny with you all. Have you tried any of the Jeffree Star beauty products? Let me know in the comments below. I’m always curious about how great they are and what is worth purchasing.