Standout Hard Candy Products

I was recently sent some press samples from the new Spring/Summer collection of Hardy Candy products. Their newest additions stay on-trend for all of the products that are being released by all the higher end brands. In true drugstore brand fashion, they are all offered at a much more reasonable cost. I have been playing around with the products, and a few of the items have definitely shined in comparison to the rest. I am going to go over my favourites from the newer releases with you.

Sheer Envy Color Correct Cushion Wonder

Hard Candy definitely jumped on the colour correcting bandwagon, and they succeeded in my opinion. The Cushion Wonder range consists of four different colour correcting serum-like concealers. The application is made super simple with the cushion tip. Although some people don’t prefer this method for hygienic reasons, I still find this cushion application super convenient and I am a big fan. I have the peachy-toned shade that works really well under my eyes before I apply concealer. This product helps cancel out any dark cool-toned bags or circles under my eyes, which is a daily struggle. I apply with the cushion tip and then blend it out with my beauty blender to make sure it is seamless before my foundation goes on.

Sheer Envy Color Correct Perfecting Powder

Colour correcting is a trend that is going to be around a while, so Hard Candy made a few colour correcting products. This time it is the perfecting face powder to apply after your base makeup is done. This sheer powder helps mattify and set makeup, as would other normal face powders. The magic behind this product is that the pastel colours in the powder are designed to correct all sorts of discolourations on your skin, using the purple, green, yellow, and peach pigments together.

Sheer Envy Prismatic Highlighter

There is nothing that draws me into a product more than a prismatic or holographic highlight. Although I have a few I may reach for more often than this particular iridescent highlight by Hard Candy, this one would be suited for anyone that likes a slight glitter or shimmer effect in their highlight. I prefer the shimmer kept to a minimum as I like highlights with a bit of a sheen. Once in a while though, this is a nice finish to change it up. The packaging on this product was my favourite out of all of the products.

Have you tried any of the Hard Candy products? They are easily available at Walmart and really are worth checking out. You never know when you’ll discover a drugstore product that completely changes the game for you. #HardCandyLife