Blends with Benefits Aromatherapy

Blends with Benefits

People go to far lengths in order to find remedies. One of those remedies can come in the form of aromatherapy. Some people do not think this is a viable option, but I certainly do! I have dabbled in the world of aromatherapy, but now I have a convenient remedy for stress. Thanks to the kind people over at Canadian-based Blends with Benefits, I have a blend of oils to relieve stress that fits perfectly into my bag. I can take this on the go with me and bring it out when things are a little too stressful. They recommend rolling it on your wrists and breathing in the scent. Other people have other ways to use essential oil blends like this, such as behind the ears or other known pressure points. I love the convenience of a rollerball oil, as it is the easier way to bring your remedies with you.

Relieving Stress On-the-Go

This particular blend of essential oils appealed to me the most because sometimes I need extra help balancing myself out. The Stress Relief roll-on is an all natural blend of 100% essential oils, including neroli, orange, patchouli, rosewood, jojoba, and champa. These scents work together to help ease your thoughts, helping you find a more relaxed state of mind. This scent is unlike any other scent I have been able to smell. The blend is quite calming! This company has different oil blends available. They all help with different issues, such as easing aches and pains, helping you sleep, finding energy, and more! Head on over to their website to learn more about what they have to offer.

Have you ever tried using aromatherapy before? What types of scents appeal to you when it comes to calming down or relieving stress? Let me know in the comments below.