Clinique Introduces a Bubble Mask

clinique bubble mask

bubble mask review

Don’t think for a moment that brands won’t hop on the bandwagon. Especially when a skincare trend blows up on the Internet and social media! The Korean bubble mask trend has taken the world by storm, and now Clinique has introduced their own take on the bubble mask. Introducing the brand new Pep-Start™ Double Bubble Purifying Mask.

The Clinique Bubble Mask

This cleansing bubble mask has a gel consistency with a bright pink colour to it! My excitement only grew once I saw the color come out of the pump. This mask will deeply cleanse your skin and prep it for makeup application… in only two minutes! Sometimes I do not apply masks because they take up too much time, but this two-minute mask is perfectly suited for me. This mask is non-drying and oil-free, full of ingredients that will help purify your skin without stripping it.

To apply this mask, you shake the product and apply an even layer on your clean face, avoiding the area around your eye. Once applied to the face, it transforms from a pink gel to small white bubbles. You can feel these bubbles working away to lift all the debris from your skin. This is very amusing to watch and experience! You only have to wash it away with warm water and you are ready to follow with your moisturizer and move on to makeup. This is the ideal cleansing step that I didn’t know I was looking for. I love that it is meant for before makeup application, not just at the end of the day.

Are you going to hop on the bubble mask trend? The newest Pep-Start™ product is definitely an interesting one and a product that I am excited to continue using.