Tan with the Trystal Pressed Powder

vita liberata trystal pressed self tanning mineral powder

Did the title confuse you? Maybe you didn’t quite get the full idea that I’m about to tell you about. Vita Liberata just released a brand new sunless tanner in the form of a pressed powder. No hassle of applying a self-tanner in a mousse, cream, mist, or gel. A pressed powder! The brand already has the loose powder of the Trystal Self Tanning Powder but has now released the pressed powder compact version of the product.

The Trystal Self Tanner

The product was hard to believe, so I had to test it out for myself. I was sent Trystal Pressed Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals to give it a whirl. As anyone, I was definitely intrigued to see how it would develop on my face. I wanted to test the application, the colour, and the longevity of the product. The product activates on your skin when applied over a liquid foundation base or moisturizer. There is some kind of magical chemistry there that produces the self-tanning particles.

First of all, the colour is amazing for paler complexions like my skin. There is a darker shade, but the shade Sunkissed is perfect for the lighter skin wearers. It develops gradually throughout the day and you can see the colour payoff during your evening skincare routine. The application is quite easy as you apply in sweeping motions to your face. It also recommends to apply to your neck and anywhere else in that area that needs bronzing. This is to make sure that your face matches the surrounding areas.

As for longevity, I have been applying smaller amounts, but have noticed small bits of bronzing that sticks around each day. Colour me impressed! This makes for a fantastic way to continuing bronzing your face from summer into autumn, and to keep a healthy tan during the colder months as well. Unless you are a person that embraces their paler skin – all the powder to you!

Do you think you will be giving Vita Liberata’s Trystal products a try? Have you tried anything from the brand before? Let me know in the comments below!