The Truth Collection by Ole Henriksen

If you’ve been around my blog and social media for a while, it may come as no surprise that I’m a fan of a very particular skincare product. That product happens to be the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster. I have mentioned it before in this blog post going through my vanity at one point. Not only did the brand help me out with some of their Nurture collection, but they helped me discover more from the Truth Collection to build my love around the serum that I love so dearly. I am giving a run-through of all the products I have now had the chance to try. You might want to grab a coffee or snack for this one, there is a lot of ground to cover in this post.

Ole Henriksen’s Facial Oil

One of the other products I have tried and still use goes hand-in-hand with my favourite serum. The Pure Youth Activating Oil is full of goodness from pure rosehip fruit oil. I am a big fan of rosehip oils, so this was a no-brainer for me. This facial oil does wonders for your complexion! It helps to instantly restore, deeply nourish, and brighten. It goes on quite orange to your face but dissolves into your skin as it starts delivering all the rich ingredients to your skin. I now have a backup bottle for when my first one runs out.

The Energizing Cleanser

Next up, we have the Face the Truth Gel Cleanser. I’m very picky when it comes to my cleansers because many have not worked for me in the past. The scent of this one is very inviting, especially for those mornings when you need the extra help waking up. The scent is perfectly described as an “uplifting orange extract and an energizing citrus scent” – which is exactly what it is. Along with your senses, it works to awaken and refresh your skin to deep clean as it removes dirt, oil, makeup, and impurities. It is a hardworking and deep cleaning cleanser, but it is gentle enough that it does not strip your skin completely. I’ve only used this one a couple times, but continue to be impressed with it each time.

ole henriksen truth collection products

The Facial Mist

Have you ever wondered what spraying your face with something that smelt like orange pop would smell like? Exactly like the Fountain of Truth Facial Water. I could probably spray this all day long, but I’ll reserve it for only when I need to apply it. This facial water mist helps re-hydrate and revive your skin after you cleanse. It is made with a botanical blend of sweet orange and mandarin oils, white tea, and pomegranate extracts. As I said, it smells very similar to that of an orange pop, but without all the sticky sweetness. I am a really big fan of facial sprays during your skin care routine and during the day when needed. The scent of this one is definitely going to help refresh more than just my skin, it’s going to refresh my mind a bit because I’ve fallen in love with the scent of it. Ole Henriksen has really hit it on the mark for the citrus scent of this whole collection!

The Advanced Moisturizer

How is this moisturizer advanced you ask? Ole Henriksen’s Truth Advanced Moisturizing Crème works to hydrate your skin, also while brightening and targeting fine lines and wrinkles. The formula contains Ole Henriksen’s Advanced Hydration Complex. It infuses your skin with continuous moisture throughout the day so it continues to stay hydrated all day. It targets signs of ageing to make sure that it stays soft and supply to look as youthful as possible.

The Sugar Mask

The Moment of Truth 2-in-1 Polishing Sugar Mask is a great treat to add to your routine. Maybe not an everyday treat, but for the days when your skin is looking dull and needs the extra help. It works to gentle, but effectively, polish and smooth your skin. As all Truth products, it works on brightening your skin to continue to maintain your glow. With ingredients like raw sugar and pomegranate seed powder, it doubles as a scrub and a mask. It gently polishes away dead skin cells that leave your complexion looking a bit dull. It is infused with a blend of pure honey, rosehip oil (yay!), and pumpkin extract. This blend helps to nourish the skin and leave it soft and supple. Definitely a pampering treat for your skin!

The Vitamin C Facial System

Lastly, but certainly not least… the Power Bright Intensive Vitamin C Facial System. This system combines three powerful steps into one handy routine: polish, brighten, glow. The first step is the sugar mask I just went over. The second step is a Vitamin C Concentrate for that extra “Ole Glow™” that they always try to promote their products. The final step is the Uncover the Truth 3-in-1 Melting Cleanser which actually activates the system and leaves your skin feeling its best. This three-step system is said to be “professional-strength” and “intensive” and they do not kid around. They really want you to have that soft glowing skin in an easy-to-use system.

There are still a few more products from the Truth Collection that I haven’t had the chance to try yet. I have my eyes on the Cleansing Wipes next! If you want to check them out for yourself, you can visit your local Sephora or browse online. I’ve linked all the products I have mentioned below to make it super easy.