Vita Liberata Helps You Stay Tan After Summer

vita liberata ten minute tan body blur

Summer is always the greatest chance of working on your tan. That is unless you are planning a tropical getaway mid-winter to where the hot sun still has a chance of bronzing up your skin. There are many products on the market that help with self-tanning at home, but a lot of people just don’t have the time to use them. I often find that’s the case for me. Waiting hours before washing off a product is quite nerve-wracking at times as you schedule your day around tanning. A couple products that I have been sent lately have come as a bit of a godsend in helping to make my skin look a bit more bronze and glowy in the shortest amounts of time.

The Ten Minute Tan from Vita Liberata

Achieving the perfect tan without the commitment of time? Sounds too good to be true! Vita Liberata has created the Ten Minute Tan in order to help you get the perfect tan without wasting long amounts of time developing. You apply the product to your skin and leave on for 10 minutes. You can prolong this to 20 minutes if you have paler skin, like me. The same goes if you want a deeper colour. The perfected natural looking golden tan develops within the 4 to 6 hours prior to washing off the product. This self-tanner doubles as a skin perfector as it helps to condition your skin and making it look a lot plumper and airbrushed. Your skin will look smoother, as well as lock them in with hydration. This product quickly moved to the top of my list for self-tanners!

The Body Blur

When it comes to finding a happy medium between natural and self-tanning, this product could be your perfect match. Vita Liberata has released the Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish for a quick fix. This product is a gel-cream tint that helps to minimize the appearance of blemishes and imperfections. That’s it? Not even close! It also adds light reflecting properties to give you a photo-ready finish. Shiny legs in all the right places. There’s more? You bet! This tint helps give your skin tone by adding a naturally healthy and radiant glow. You can easily wash the product off in the shower and re-apply whenever needed.I was worried about a colour match with this product, but the shade Latte eventually settles in quite nicely to my fair skin tone.

To use this product, let me warn you by saying a little bit of product goes a very long way. You can apply using a tanning mitt or your hands. I was in a rush when I used it and just used my hands. If you pick hands, make sure to wash your hands after applying. You apply small amounts to your skin and blend until it looks seamless. The brand recommends using long circular movements when applying. I was a bit worried about a colour match with this product, but the shade Latte Light eventually settles in quite nicely to my fair skin tone.

Have you tried either of these products out? I am a fan of them both and it excites me to continue to use them as we get into the colder months.