Korres Skin Care Favourites (The Current Series)

korres primer and tone corrector Korres Mattifying Primer Korres skin care Wild Rose Brightening Targeted Tone Corrector

Korres is not new around these parts – these parts being my blog. I have written about Korres products before, which you can see a couple of the posts here and here. I am back to talk about two more products that I have been using and enjoying from the brand.

The Mattifying Primer

The Pomegranate collection was my original favourite of the brand. The Cleansing and Make-up Removing Wipes were my original favourites and I went through many empties of these before exploring other options. I bought the Pomegranate Mattifying Primer quite some time ago when they had their older packaging, but I decided to add it to my collection again recently. This primer is silicone-free and has ingredients within it that help mattify the look of your skin and makeup. Like most mattifying primers, its goal is to achieve a smooth and poreless appearance to make your makeup look flawless. This primer is targeted towards people with oily skin, which is what made me try this primer again. It helps to even out my texture when it gets a bit unruly.

It comes out of the tube with a nude-like pigment, but it dissolves into the skin without showing any colour. I have found that this primer puts up a good fight through long days and holds true to its long-lasting promise. The formula is water-based so it allows your skin to breathe and it does not clog your pores. The main ingredient in this primer, along with the whole Pomegranate collection, it pomegranate extract, which is an amazing source of vitamins. Other ingredients include willow bark extract to balance your skin, witch hazel to mattify and tighten your skin, and rice starch to absorb extra oil. Can you say that your primer contains this many amazing ingredients?

The Korres Skin Care Tone Corrector

Moving on to a product from the Wild Rose collection, the Brightening Targeted Tone Corrector is another recent addition to my collection. A friend did not want it, so I quickly volunteered to take it off her hands. Any chance to try another product from Korres and I am there! This product is a serum that helps with correcting discolouration and evening out your skin tone.

This serum contains a mixture of pure vitamin C and wild rose oil to reduce the size and skin pigmentation and improve its radiance. With continued use, this product helps to brighten and even out your skin tone. The wild rose oil helps repair fine lines, provides hydration to your skin, and heals throughout time. It also contains sand lily extract, which helps to reduce dark spots if that is an issue for you. I have been using this serum for a little while and it has not caused any breakoutss to my sensitive skin. My skin is in a better place at the moment, so this could be one of the reasons why.

Have you tried Korres products yet? Do you have any favourites? Let me know in the comments! All the products mentioned are listed below and are clickable to go learn more about each individual product.