For Beloved Girl Saves the Day with Cloud Silk Masks

for beloved girl cloud silk masks for beloved girl cloud silk masks review

If you’re keen on staying in the know on all things skincare-related, then you probably already know about For Beloved One. This award-winning Taiwanese skincare brand previously launched For Beloved Girl to create products for millennial women. They have created a range of new cloud silk masks that should be the talk of the town. I have had my fair experience with clay masks, sheet masks, and everything in between. I have a bag of masks still yet to be used holed up in my bathroom, but I knew I had to give these masks a try after I read about them.

Cloud Silk Masks by For Beloved Girl

These sheet masks may appear to be like any other sheet mask out there, but after using just one I have become a massive fan. They are all formulated differently with different minerals. Each mask tackles different skin concerns, from pores to uneven skin tone to hydration. The pack of three that I was lucky enough to test were all targeting different skin concerns that I have for my skin. I am going to go through each of the three masks I tried in more detail, and let you know what the other available masks are as well.

For Beloved Girl Extreme Moisture Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask

Targetting dry or dehydrated skin, this extreme moisture mask is full of hydration. The main key ingredient in this formulation is everyone’s favourite: hyaluronic acid. I have seen a lot of products incorporating hyaluronic acid lately, and they’re all ending up in my skincare routine lately. My skin is oily, but also dehydrated. This mask is helping balance out the moisture levels while bringing back luminosity and plumpness to the skin. Other ingredients in this mask include sodium PCA and sodium lactate to provide soothing and pH-balancing nutrients to your skin.

For Beloved Girl Intant Skin Renewal Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask

This was the first mask to catch my attention because it is targetted towards acne-prone and/or oily skin. It also targets pores in making them appear vanished or at least much smaller. The main ingredient in this mask is calcium lactate. It softens dead skin to enhance pore cleansing and clearing the skin while accelerating its metabolism. A quicker turnover in skin resurfacing! This mask also contains roselle, rosehip, and viola tri-colour extracts, which are great for deep cleansing and softening your skin. This mask basically sold me at rosehip. I have been using rosehip seed oil as part of my routine and love having that on my skin.

For Beloved Girl Puff Elimination Mineral Cloud-Silk Mask

This mask is a saving grace when it comes to puffiness around the eye area! I always feel I am never getting enough sleep, and if I do, my eyes are still puffy. The potassium chloride in the formulation of this mask delivers revitalizing nutrients to your skin that helps firm up your skin. The caffeine complex helps to eliminate excess water retention, which alleviates that puffiness that no one wants. There is a big difference between plump and puff, and we don’t want puffy. I noticed an instant reaction after using this mask and felt like I looked a lot more awake and revitalized.

Other Masks in the Range

I only tried out the three mentioned above, but this sheet mask also includes:

  • Flawless Brightening mask for dull and uneven skin tone
  • Tea Tree Oil Control mask for oily, combination skin (I need to try this one!)
  • Active Resilience Youth mask for ageing skin with fine lines

I really believe there is a mask in this collection for everyone! I find that these masks fit the shape of my face better than most sheet masks on the market. It also stayed on my face and didn’t show any signs of peeling or sliding off as other masks do. A solid A+ in my books if you ask me. I am highly recommending these masks if you can get your hands on them! They would also make for some great Christmas gifts to family and friends as well. wink wink nudge nudge To locate them, they are sold at T&T nationwide and online at