Vampy Makeup for the Holidays with Charlotte Tilbury

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What type of makeup looks do you think of when thinking about the holidays? Bold red lip? Glitter and glam? Likely one of the two. I am about to go above and beyond and pull an autumn beauty trend into the winter: the vampy look. I’ve picked two products from a coveted high-end beauty brand to add a little dark side to your holidays. Not necessarily an actual “dark side” but throwing a little bit of a more daring look into your winter routine.

Vampy Makeup from Charlotte Tilbury

What does a fair skinned girl do with the deepest of lipstick shades? Rock out to emo music she listened to a decade ago. Possibly. On the other hand, she could pair it with a blush and create a vampy look for the holidays. Not everyone has to rock the classic bold lip, sometimes you can do a litter deeper and darker. The lipstick I am talking about is the K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in the shade Night Crimson. This shade still belongs to the red family, but it also crosses over to the berry side of the spectrum. This shade is a plum red lipstick, getting the best of the red tones, as well as a very plumy undertone. Vampy makeup at its finest! You can carry the lipstick around in your bag for any touch-ups needed because bringing out this gorgeous lipstick is sure to get some compliments. The gold packaging of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks is one of my absolute favourite designs.

Compliment with a Natural Blush

One makeup faux pas that people have is making sure not to pair a bold blush when you have a bold lipstick. It all has to do with making sure the main event of your face has all the attention and not confusing people too much. Using a blush with a likely darker appearance to it may be scary, but not if it is a more nude or natural shade. The Cheek to Chic Swish & Pop Blusher in The Climax is a great example of this. At first glance, this blush appears quite dark. It has a tan shade around the outside and a soft pink circle on the inside. If used with a light hand, this could help create a light tanned effect on your cheeks. This will not draw too much attention away from your lipstick, but just add a bit of warmth to your face before people start calling you a vampire. If you are not as pale as me, this blush will work for you just as well, but more of the pink shade will show up on your cheeks for a youthful appearance. Follow with simple and natural eye makeup as well to continue to let the lipstick shine.

This vampy makeup duo is sure to make people take a double take at you when you walk into a room. Links below to the products online since they are not readily available at Sephora unfortunately. Happy holidays stunner!