NYX Cosmetics 2018 New Releases

New year, new releases! In the world of beauty, there are constantly new releases that it sometimes is hard to keep up. Thankfully, I was generously sent some of the new releases from NYX Cosmetics to play around with. A little something for the eyes, and a range of colours for my lips. I will be discussing the Powder Puff Lippies and a pastel-themed I Love You So Mochi eyeshadow palette that were released into stores very recently.


NYX Powder Puff Lippie

NYX Cosmetics Releases Powder Finish Lippies

Here we are at the much talked about Powder Puff Lippies! Before starting to play around with them myself, I looked online to see other reactions to get a good idea of the general opinion about these lip products. There was a divide between people that really enjoy these products, while others did not. I have been sticking to the lip balm side of lip products lately, so getting to play around with this range was quite lovely. First of all, the shade range is absolutely perfect! There is a great selection of nude shades, and options for a brighter pink and a statement red as well. Great job on the colour selection NYX!

When it comes to the formula, it was an interesting one! It applied very mousse-like and did dry down to a powder soft matte finish. I don’t think I have experienced anything quite like it before. The application was fairly easy with the nib at the end of the tube but proceed with caution when applying to the finer points at the sides of your mouth. Still, a very simple application. I do recommend wearing a lip liner with these lippies as they will feather out over time. A lip liner will help protect your lip look for sure. The wear time on these lippies isn’t as long as a liquid lipstick, but still a fair amount of time. Not transfer-proof, but that is not a claim. The last thing you want is a claim to be transfer-proof and that not being true, so we are all good there.


NYX Cosmetics I Love You So Mochi Palette

Mochi-Inspired Eyeshadow Palette

NYX Cosmetics came out with two new eyeshadow palettes in their I Love You So Mochi range. One is named Sleek and Chic that centres around more neutral shades and peach undertones, which is more workable into an everyday look. The one I was gifted helps me step outside of my comfort zone a little bit more. The Electric Pastels palette is full of vibrant shimmery pastel shades. I normally go for all matte palettes myself, but this palette is great to use in combination with my other palettes to get that extra dimension with the shimmer finish. The inspiration for these palettes comes from mochi – the Japanese treat. Mochi has a marshmallow-like texture that was translated to these pressed shadows with a bouncy and silky texture. Don’t go in expecting a super bouncy texture, but more than a normal eyeshadow gives for sure. These shadows are soft and apply very easily to my eyelids. Again, they give the perfect finishing touch to my eye makeup.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the highlight palette that looks like a total dream to work with. Have you tried any of the new releases from NYX Cosmetics yet? Let me know your thoughts or what you would like to try in the comments below!