Growing Your Bag Collection with Poppy & Peonies

poppy & peonies darling bag


Over the last ten or more years, I was a one-bag kind of girl. I would own one bag and use it until it started showing signs of wear and distress. Over the last couple years that has started to change. We can blame my ability to impulsively buy things, or we can say I’m collecting. Every once in a while, a new bag makes its way into my collection. I am here to say that this is not a bad thing at all. I have been graciously sent a couple bags from Poppy & Peonies to show you why it’s a good idea to have multiple bags ready to wear at any time.


For When You Want to Be Classy

The DARLING blush bag is your go-to accessory for when you want to make a statement. Not necessarily a bold statement, but a classy chic statement. This blush circular bag is embellished with pearls of different sizes for that extra classic look. It comes with the option to use as a crossbody. My favourite bags are always ones with the ability to go hands-free. The blush bag definitely adds a new element of chic to any outfit you’re looking to style! This bag has been very sought after ever since it launched. Pearls will never go out of style – they’re timeless. I like to pair this bag with my outfits when I dress a bit more on the feminine side and can match some pastel or cool-toned colours together. They also have this DARLING style of bag in a bright pink and also a yellow if you need other options. One thing to note is that this bag is very structured. It is not a floppy bag by any means. It also has “feet” on the bottom so that it can always stand upright.


poppy & peonies darling blush poppy & peonies darling blush bag


For When You Need to Pack More Than Usual

The Poppy & Peonies DOWNTOWN CROSSBODY grey bag is your perfect bag for stylishly packing a lot of stuff for one day out. This bag is a little bit bigger than most of the bags I own. I used to only carry around massive bags, but have downsized to only carrying the must-haves on a day to day basis. This bag does come in handy when I do need to pack more if I know I need more things on my errands or for an outing after work. This bag also comes with the ability to wear over the shoulder with a smaller strap, or as a crossbody with a longer strap. You can also remove the tassels easily if you’re not into that type of style. The grey colour is a great neutral shade that goes with just about every look you could put together. From classy to casual, this style of bag can compliment the outfit. If grey isn’t your thing, it also comes in other very neutral shades as well. It is expandable if you’re reaching capacity too, just in case!


poppy & peonies downtown crossbody poppy & peonies downtown grey

Poppy & Peonies is Vegan-Friendly

This brand went the extra mile and worked to create these bags using soft pebbled vegan leather. You can feel more at peace if that is important to you when you’re looking to buy leather accessories. I know that leather versus vegan leather is a big topic in the fashion world, so it can be one less thing to worry about when you shop with the safer option. With endless amounts of super chic and cute bags coming out each season, there’s bound to be at least one (or three) styles for you to fall in love with!