The CND Vinylux Nails Spring 2018 Collection

CND Spring 2018 Chic Shock Collection CND Chic Shock Collection

For those that follow me on Instagram, there is a good chance you’ve heard the news of my recent engagement. We are over the moon excited about the next step to be taken. Photos were taken of the proposal, followed by some photos afterward as well. As if the world wasn’t already full of my crazy smiles, in photos that are usually sent to my friends. One of my favourite photos was a close up of the ring, but also a glam shot of my nails. I had just done them with the CND Vinylux polishes not even 12 hours before and was really impressed with how it looked.

Nail Colours for Spring 2018

I thought the photo shoot was for clothing and kept reminding myself to paint my nails the day before. I had a selection of the new CND Vinylux Long Wear Polishes polishes to try out and kept putting off painting my nails. Come 11:00 at night and I remembered I had not done my nails yet. The Spring 2018 Chic Shock Collection is full of the perfect bright pastels when you think of spring and Easter-like shades. With the assurance from my friend Jilly to choose the light purple shade named Gummi, I painted my nails easily and quickly. The other shades include a pink (Candied), baby blue (Taffy), and a yellow (Jellied).

CND Vinylux Application

The application of these polishes is a dream! I’ve struggled every now and then when the brush isn’t quite right, or the formula is way too thin. This gel-like formula went on smoothly and only required two coats before I put on the matching top coat. Unfortunately, my sleep-deprived self-decided to reach for my lip balm while I was waiting for my nails to dry, but I fumbled with the lid and messed up a couple of my nails. I quickly cleaned those nails off and started again. Without touching anything this time around, I let them dry. I locked it all in with the top coat and it dried fairly quickly. I wasn’t worrying that I would mess it up as I fell asleep.

The True Test: Wear Time

Usually, when a nail brand promises at least a week of wear time, I prove them wrong halfway through. I went into this with really high hopes and thoughts of doubt, as per usual. This CND Vinylux range claims 7-days of chip-resistant wear. When I get nervous, I tend to pick at my nails without realizing it. Considering the past couple weeks have been fairly high-stress for me, I think this brand did amazingly well for longevity. I kept the purple shade on for over a week before I started tearing it to shreds. Then I applied the light blue colour and have almost at the full week mark with little signs of chipping.

I’m really happy with this brand and these new colours so far! I can’t wait to see what shades they come out with next.