Doll-like Lash Extensions from Dollface Beauty Bar

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I hope you enjoyed all the close-ups of my face and lashes. It’s not normally how up close and personal I get in photos, but it was necessary for this blog post. I’m no stranger to the world of lash enhancements. I’ve had lash extensions before, as well as lash lift and tints. Each of these services has enhanced my natural look with the help of amping up my lash look. As I have adapted to a less makeup lifestyle since late last year, these services can do wonders! Imagine waking up in the morning, with not a great look going on. Not great. But then you realize people aren’t noticing that because of how amazing your lashes look to even notice anything else. I have many thanks to Dollface Beauty Bar for causing this type of great feeling.

Dollface Beauty Bar in Burlington, ON

Dollface Beauty Bar or “The Dollhouse” is one of the most picturesque and chic places you could possibly imagine. Blush tones, a chandelier, and things that just make your eyes fall in love.  They even have a lovely waiting room upstairs if you have to wait a bit before your appointment. This lash boutique is located in the heart of downtown Burlington, Ontario in the Village Square area.

The lash extension service took about two hours total. Two hours may seem like quite the dedication, but it’s really not. For the results you are getting, two hours is nothing. Throughout this time, I went through many different levels of zen and near sleep. It is common for people to fall asleep for these appointments because they are laying with their eyes closed for a long period of time. The atmosphere in Dollface was just so inviting that I possibly could have fallen asleep for a few moments, but I drifted in and out of full awareness throughout the entire procedure. If you ever really need to take a session to calm down and relax, I would highly recommend doing it while getting a service like lash extensions done.

The Volume Lashes

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram, you might have caught a glimpse of my lashes in my Insta Stories. So much love for all of the messages I’ve received about the lashes so far! I trusted lash stylist extraordinaire Sara Green to use her best judgement. There is a reason she is an expert! She knows which lashes are best for my eyes and she did not let me down. She created a doll-like lash look by placing a couple longer lashes toward the inner corner of my eye. This opens my eyes a bit more, as opposed to the longer lashes at the end like a cat eye, which does the opposite.

The Volume lash extensions are what is currently on my lashline. These help to create that really voluminous look without weighing down my lids or lashes. They offer lashes in either Classic, Hybrid, or Volume. The Hybrid style combines the Classic and Volume to create a good mid-point. I can really appreciate how my lashes look because I haven’t thought about wearing makeup since. We all know how amazing it is to not have to worry about makeup, especially when you’re running out the door late in the morning.

I know what you’re probably wondering about now: how are they now? I got the lashes done a week ago, and can’t notice any difference. It’s normal to shed a few lashes each day, but I can only recall seeing very few fall out since they were applied. I’m very impressed! My oily eyelids and naturally watery eyes are always a concern when it comes to ruining the lashes. The lashes from Dollface are putting up a really strong fight. I want to extend a thank you to Sara for the amazing experience that lived up to the high bar I had set.