Styling Rain Boots for Spring with Cougar Shoes

cougar shoes spring 2018 boots

In Canada, Spring can mean anything. One day can be warm and sunny, the next can be freezing cold and snowy. It’s unpredictable every single year, and the best we can do is to prepare for all the options. This is where one of my favourite weather-appropriate footwear comes into play. Cougar Shoes have been keeping my feet warm and secure for the past five winters, and now I’m given the chance to try something for Spring! Big thank yous to Cougar Shoes for sending a pair of their black waterproof Kensington Chelsea Boot to help me prepare for Mother Nature this Spring.

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cougar shoes spring 2018 waterproof boots

The Cougar Shoes Approach

All shoes and boots from Cougar Shoes are made fashionably to last. As I said before, I have had my winter boots for over five years now and there are no noticeable signs of wear. Well, besides the salt stains here and there, but those are easy to clean off. The pair of boots that I now have in my possession is one of the waterproof options. Spring is typically rainy, so these boots will come in handy a lot. Rainy days, melting snow slush, or even just daily adventures that may involve a bit of water. Living so close to the water, trips to the beach are possible when they fit into the schedule. One of my favourite activities at the beach is searching for waterglass. These waterproof boots make picking up water glass easier. Now I can get closer to the water without worrying about getting my footwear wet.

cougar boots spring 2018 collection

More About the Kensington Chelsea Boot

I find the selection of colours available for these boots to represent the perfect set of neutrals. This even includes blush pink! Their newest Spring 2018 collection makes it hard to decide on a style and colour, that’s for sure. I have always drifted towards black to stay classics, so that’s what I ended up deciding on. The black boots make it easier for me to pick out an outfit. Black basically goes with everything.

The “Mist” grey option is also very popular for staying pretty classic with colour options but on a lighter end of the spectrum. These boots are easy to pull on and run out the door. Also, the memory insoles help remember the shape of your foot. I have trouble with footwear comfortably fitting my feet, so I look forward to these boots becoming a staple for me.

cougar boots spring 2018 chelsea boots

Have you heard of Cougar Shoes before, or do you even own a pair? I have always loved them for the mystery of Canadian weather and love how they have options for all seasons. I can’t wait to see the styles they come out with next!