TON Cosmetics Has Your Perfect Lipstick Shade

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Based out of Montreal, TON Cosmetics (stylized as TōN Cosmetics) was created by two beauty-obsessed sisters, Vicki and Maria. They want to make the process of finding the perfect lipstick a lot easier. Their system works according to your skin tone and a few other factors. They have a questionnaire on their website and it gives you results with your perfect nude and bold shade. It’s genius, right? They have nine different versions of their nude lipsticks, as well as nine of the bold. They put a lot of thought into the questions and how they work with each shade, so let’s see what I ended up with.

My TON Cosmetics Results

After I took the quiz, my results ended up being Fair Cool 1 and Fair Cool 2. The 1 shade is the nude shade and 2 as the bold. When it comes to Fair Cool 1, it is designed for people with a fair and cool toned complexion. It helps to neutralize the blue hue in the tones of your skin. At first glance, I instantly thought this shade was going to be too warm for me, but I gave it a shot anyways. In the bullet, it looks almost a little too terracotta-like for my liking. But once applied, it truly is a perfect light nude shade for my skin tone.

Next, the bold shade. Fair Cool 2 is a bold red shade that has a bit of a pink tint to it in order to combat the bluish skin undertones. There are so many gorgeous looking bold shades in their range, but I also love the look of this red chosen for me. I’ve gone through my fair share of bold red lipsticks over the years, so I’m happy to have one matched for me finally. The main thing from the Fair shades is to level out my cooler undertone with some warmth… and it works! Amazing job on the shade selection ladies.

Branding and Formula

The TON Cosmetics lipsticks come in classic white and silver detailing. It is more special than most because it comes with a diamond-like gem at the top of each tube to tell them apart if they are standing. Very simple packaging with a bit of luxury for detailing. The logo is visible on the side of the lid of the tube as well. Their products are cruelty-free, which always goes a long way in the beauty community.

The formula itself is very moisturizing for a lipstick. It is created with hydrating ingredients, including everyone’s favourite: shea butter. These lipsticks have a hydrating formula because they want to make sure that the lipsticks wear comfortably and don’t become dry in any way. They apply easily and smoothly, which is always a bonus too. The finish isn’t overly creamy, but far from matte. It is a satin finish, which goes hand-in-hand with the lasting comfort of their formula. Check out their website to see which shades are matched to your skin tone today!