The Everyday Bag For A Girlboss Lifestyle

Poppy & Peonies MIDI bag Blush girlbossPoppy & Peonies MIDI bag Blush

A lot of things can change over the years. Fashion preference, makeup looks, likes and dislikes… basically everything can change. One thing that I have noticed changing for me over time is my taste in bags. More specifically, my everyday bag. I can remember likely large bags back about five years ago, the ones you could literally throw anything and everything into. Things would get lost for days in those bags.

Eventually, I started to downsize. I bought a smaller bag but ended up complaining that nothing fits in it. That left me not using it for a while. I went to medium-sized bags and liked quite a few of them, but something never settled on being the perfect bag for me. I eventually ended up using my smaller sized bags that only fit my phone, keys, and not much else. Don’t get me wrong, I love my small bags. With an on-the-go lifestyle, the smaller bags aren’t always the most practical.

Good news – I finally found my perfect everyday bag!

The MIDI by Poppy & Peonies is the absolute best size of bag for me. They have smaller and larger bags available, but this smaller medium sized bag caught my attention right away. It is still quite small in size, but is very roomy and can fit quite a lot. I can fit my DSLR camera, glasses case, phone and still have room for snacks and much more. It makes it very easy to get from home to work, to errands to events… all while looking chic! When I don’t want to carry it on my arm or in my hand anymore, I can attach the crossbody strap to walk around with ease. A top zipper if I need to make it more secure, but I hardly ever use this zipper. It contains a few pockets inside, where I usually keep my cards instead of in a wallet. I need easy access to them and these pockets are a perfect size.

What’s even better is that they have the bag available in nine shades currently! They add to the shade selection with each coming season, introducing new and exciting seasonal options. With that said, it was time that I added a blush coloured bag to my collection. It’s light enough to be a neutral shade and matches along with many outfits. I love the gold hardware and black detailing on the seams of the bag as it adds a little something extra to the bag’s design and structure. The bag is created with soft pebbled vegan leather, so we can all take a deep breath of relief for that fact. It’s very sturdy and carries everything I need on a day-to-day basis. I usually end up through in a lunch container on weekdays to bring to work as well.

I am so happy with the brand Poppy and Peonies since I was introduced to them this year, but this bag definitely takes the cake. It’s the best everyday bag that I have used for a long time and I see myself using it for a long time to come!