I Need To Drink More Water

Hydriah Vegan Leather Bag Hydriah Vegan Leather Bag Water Bottle Hydriah Leather Bag

The title of this blog post is one of the many phrases that should be the name of my autobiography. That’s how much it resonates with me. When you combine the amount of caffeine I consume through coffee and tea, it doesn’t leave much room for water. Coffee naturally dehydrates you, so there is no balance in my system. There are a few rare days that you’ll find me finishing off a large mason jar of water, but it doesn’t last very long.

Off and on I will try to make a mission to drink more water, but time after time I fail. I can always tell when I’m failing hard because my fingers will often cramp up weirdly and prevent me from making normal movements with my hands. At times I have a claw-like hand gesture for a few moments before I get it back to normal. I know that if I drink more water, these moments will fade away. Let’s dive into the few ways that I am trying to bring more water into my daily consumption.

Water on the Go

Basically, I need water with me more often. I was lucky enough to be introduced to the nifty vegan leather bags by HYDRIAH. These bags are locally made in Toronto and have a twist to them. They have an insulated compartment with a matching water bottle to keep with you. Also, it keeps it separate from the rest of your belongings in the other compartment. The high-quality vegan leather is used to give ti its modern-chic look. Crossbody straps make it super easy to drink on-the-go without worrying about holding your bag. If you can drink and walk at the same time – then that’s even better! The bag currently comes in two styles: The Droplet, pictured, and The Tide with a flap over the top instead of a zipper. Both are available in black and brown shades depending on your preference. The matching water bottle comes in a handful of different colours, but I opted for the classic white one.

Hydriah Leather Bag and Water Bottle

Boosting Up My Water

The world is all abuzz about collagen. Is it worth it? Yes. We need collagen, and I have found one that I really enjoy drinking in my water. As previously stated in this blog post, I am using the HUM Nutrition Collagen Pop tablets. They easily dissolve in your water and provide the benefits of collagen and a flavour boost to make water drinking more enjoyable as well. I’ve yet to dabble in some alternative collagen products, which I will get to eventually. I have one from Vital Proteins in a strawberry lemon flavour, but find that it takes more work to make it dissolve. I would opt for putting their flavourless version in my coffee for a boost instead.

Daily Drink Switch

This will likely be the biggest struggle for me. If I drink my coffee or tea in the morning, I have to pressure myself into switching to water by the afternoon. This gets trickier when I don’t feel fully awake yet and reach for more coffee after my lunch. At most, I can switch from coffee to a healthier tea to stop dehydrating myself so much. Cutting the coffee and tea cold turkey would not end well, trust me.

Little by little I can make little improvements here and there to make sure my water intake is increasing. If you have anymore tips, let me know in the comments!