New Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel Says Goodbye to Dry

When you find out that a brand is not only launching their second product ever but their second product after thirty year – it’s something you need to see for yourself! So that’s just what I did. Luckily, I was invited to attend an event in Toronto for the launch of Bio-Oil®’s newest product. Introducing the brand new Dry Skin Gel.

First, the Original Bio-Oil

The original staple product is the one and only Bio-Oil. It’s an amazing oil for helping heal scars and stretch marks and it has won over the hearts of people worldwide. It is extremely recognizable in its clear orange bottle as seen in the photos above.

I had only heard about this product in recent years and had not used it much, but have tried putting it on a few little scars here and there when told about its uses. This oil is a multi-purpose wonder when it comes to using it for so many skin concerns.

Now, the New Dry Skin Gel

The brand new Dry Skin Gel is a wonderfully pink gel-like product that is here to combat all your dry skin concerns. Being from Canada, we are at no shortage of dry winter skin. Mother Nature can’t quite make up her mind this year and keeps throwing us for a loop. For the majority of the time, it’s freaking cold. Chapped lips aplenty, dry skin all over, you name it, we got it. This is where the Bio-Oil® Dry Skin Gel comes in and saves the day.

Unlike most creams on the market, it takes a whole new approach to give your skin the hydration it’s lacking. The gel consists of 50% of their original Bio-Oil product, so you already know it is going to start working wonders. Sometimes people get hung up on the word oil, but it is safe for so many skin types, including even the most sensitive of skin. It is very common for moisturizing skin care products to contain around 70% water, and inactive water at that, but this new Dry Skin Gel contains ONLY 3% water.

This gives a lot more room for the other hydrating and nourishing ingredients of the gel to do their job. Why get a product that contains only partially active ingredients when you can have a fully active formula?

More Hydration Please – #GoodbyeToDry

Speaking of other ingredients, this lovely soft pink oil-based gel also contains ultra-hydrating ingredients. This includes a list of key players such as niacinamide, glycerine, shea butter, and everyone’s favourite ingredient lately… hyaluronic acid. So we all know how well hydrated this gel is going to keep our skin. Despite sounding like it’s fully loaded, this gel is still very lightweight. It absorbs into your skin very quickly upon application. There is little to no wait time for it to dry.

It’s going to be no shocker when this product creates all the whirlwind buzz it deserves as it becomes a new staple in households everywhere. This moisturizing product is available in multiple sizes, even including travel size, all at an affordable drugstore cost. It has officially hit shelves in stores where you would normally find the original Bio-Oil. It may take just a short amount of time to get everywhere, but it will get there soon enough.

P.S. Did I mention it was pink? Okay good. Just making sure that was a known fact.