Cougar Shoes Keeps Feet Cozy Year-Round

Summer is far gone at this point, but that doesn’t mean all is lost. There are so many people that thrive for the colder months of the year. Despite if you are hibernating until warmer weather resurfaces next year or ready to embrace the chilling winds and white fluff falling from the sky, you need the proper footwear. Especially for us living through Canadian winters or places with similar cold climates, we need footwear that is going to keep warmth in our toes. No icicle feet over here! Except for the days I mistakingly wear flats and a storm hits. It happens to the best of us. Cougar Shoes are always here all year long to provide the best of the best. Winter is no exception!

cougar shoes pillow boot for winter

Heels for Winter

The Danbury Leather Heeled Hiker Boot is for keeping it chic through the colder months. I like the idea of having a heel in my winter boot, and that’s where this boot gives me the upper hand. I get to add a bit of height when wearing these boots, helping me become a little taller in situations where it comes in handy. These boots are mid-calf height, nothing too short or too tall. The perfect height and the perfect fit.

A mixture of leather and suede gives different textures to the exterior of this boot. Inside, the plush lining also gives added comfort. The rubber outsoles have deep indentations and grooves to give extra grip. Cougar goes above in beyond in making sure we have the safest experience possible when taking their footwear out for an adventure. Facing temperatures as low as -24°C, you’re covered this winter!

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Cougar Shoes Danbury Boot
Cougar Shoes Danbury Leather Heeled Hiker Boot

Cougar Shoes Comfort for Winter

The Paige Leather Ankle Boot is perfect for a casual take on winterizing your footwear. This ankle bootie has a super comfortable fleece lining for more insulation. Made from Iceland leather, this boot has a rugged appearance but still manages to feel soft. These are great for winter hikes and basically any winter outdoor activities. They have dual-density molded insoles. They can face temperatures as cold as -30°C. No cold feet over here! The rubber outsoles are made from a special type of rubber to give good traction in the rain and snow. Perfect when you go on dog walks, or dog walks with your friend and they want to be in all the photos too!

Both of these shoes stand by the “Always Waterproof” tagline of the brand. For this, we can be very thankful! They both have anti-slip rubber outsoles, as previously mentioned, to make walking on icier surfaces more manageable and safe.

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Cougar Shoes Paige Boot
Cougar Shoes Paige Leather Ankle Boot
Cougar Shoes Leather Ankle Boot