October 2014 Favourites

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I can’t believe another month has come and gone! It feels like I was just posting about my September favourites last week. I do have a few favourite things to talk about from the past month that have claimed that “favourite” status.


Right away I have to start off this collection of favourites with the clothing item that I fell in love with right away. This loved item is the AEO Knit Colorblock Crew Sweater in the red shade. I normally do not gravitate towards red clothing at all, but this sweater caught my eye on a mannequin in American Eagle and decided to try my luck with this comfy looking sweater. I put it on when I got home and loved how warm and cozy it was, even if the extra small size was still styled to be a bit oversized. It was hard for me to not wear this on a daily basis because I loved wearing it that much. If you’re looking for a nice autumn or winter sweater this year, this is the one!


To continue this topic of buying red things that I love, I’m next going to bring up my favourite nail polish of the past month. I have two favourite red shades, each with their own specific reason why they are so great. Over the past month I have mostly been wearing the Essie Nail Polish in Dress To Kilt. This medium-dark shade of red was one that I was searching for because I had nothing like it in my collection. I have a couple brighter red shades, but I wanted to go deeper for the autumn season. Using the other base and top coat products that I use when I do my nails, this colour lasted longer than most nail polishes do. The other item is the Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer in Jezebel. Now, when it comes to deeper reds, this one wins the award for deepest red in my collection. This opaque black cherry red is an even more desirable shade for me, but to the downside that it does not seem to last as long on my nails as the Essie nail polish did. I was a little disappointed with this because the price point of this nail lacquer was about triple that of the Essie one as well. But that shade of red is to die for! I may search for a deeper Essie shade to match it, I’ve heard the shade Wicked might be exactly what I am looking for.


As a recent lover of teas, I did a roundup blog post here on my favourite teas that I have collected over the past week or so, but the champion that came out on top was David’s Tea Pumpkin Chai loose leaf tea. I am not a person that loves everything pumpkin flavoured during the autumn season, but I do love my chai lattes. Looking for a tea flavour that would satisfy my addiction to the smooth and sweet flavour of a chai latte, I stumble upon the limited edition tin of Pumpkin Chai loose leaf tea while walking through my local David’s Tea. I thought about it for a few moments and decided to buy it because the tin was cute and seasonally decorated, along with chai being a flavour in it. It turns out the pumpkin aspect of the flavour was only in the form of little orange pumpkin candies and the sweetness of caramel bits. I’m sad this is only a seasonal limited edition flavour, so I’ve already gone out and started collecting more flavours to become my next favourite once I run out of the Pumpkin Chai. For anyone that’s wondering: I just just take my tea with a little bit of agave nectar syrup or sugar.


At once point earlier in the month I realized I had a 50% off coupon to The Body Shop and should use it now before this discount expires. I walked in and was on the search for the much talked about Wild Argan Oil collection. I eventually found it and ended up purchasing the Wild Argan Oil Body Butter. I’ve only ever tried two of the body butters before, which I eventually passed off one to my sister while I still work on the other myself. But being a product of the particular collection, I was excited for it. With a much more oil based texture than the other body butters I have tried, I felt that this would double as a great hand moisturizer for my eczema-prone hands. It really helps keep moisture where it should be and I keep it on my computer desk to remind myself to use it more often. The smell is very subtle and not overpowering, which is a plus.


By no means is this last item a new favourite, but I don’t get to use it as often as I wished I did. This Marc Jacobs Classic Q Percy Bag was a big purchase I made over a year ago, but have loved it just as much as the first day I brought it home. I don’t get to use it as often because it is too small to fit my whole wallet, but on the times that I can go out with only a few cards, iPhone, and maybe a lipstick or hand cream – this bag is the one! I always love a black purse and the gold detailing on it was a plus. I used to be all about silver as my favourite metallic colour, but rose gold and gold have won my heart over on that now. I have gotten a little more wear out of this bag over the past few weeks and it can add a bit more style to any outfit.